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take away shows — By Chryde

Volcano !

Je ne connaissais pas grand chose de Volcano! quand Vincent Moon m'a proposé qu'ils nous rejoignent à la Fusée, pendant le match France-Togo. Il faisaient de la musique expérimentale, furieuse, leur chanteur avait une voix assez impressionnante, voilà tout.

When they first arrived in the café, France had just scored. So nobody really paid attention to them while they played this improvisation with a toy piano.

Then we walked around Beaubourg. It was empty, it was a cool and quiet night. They played a little piece of music.

When we arrived at Niki de Saint Phalle's fontaine, it was 1.30 A.M. Everybody was asleep. No lights in the buildings and appartments. The last bar was closing. Aaron began to sing La Lluvia. It was beautiful. And then...

OMG, i still feel embarassed each time I see this video. THAT was punk.