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La Blogothèque is a production company/media dedicated to creating original and personal musical films with all your favorite artists

We started in Paris 12 years ago with our viral YouTube series, The take Away Shows, a series that has enabled us to produce thousands of hours of music-based content. From live broadcast television to award winning films, our work garnered worldwide attention and has built a lifelong community of those who love music.


1300 videos in the past 10 years


100 shows organized, produced and filmed


180M views and more than 630M minutes of viewing


550k subs on youTube and more than 450k on our socials

We filmed Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton singing with a 60 people choir in the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles, Paul McCartney giving a show in Grand Central, Iggy Pop in a baroque room in Paris and Jack White playing acoustic guitar on the roof of an old castle.

We organized a wild party with Childish Gambino in a huge loft in L.A. Locked ouselves with Arcade Fire playing Neon Bible in an elevator. Had Michael Stipe of R.E.M singing acapella in a grain silo. Drummed on parisians bins with Beirut. Had Alicia Keys playing for a hundred fans without mic. Filmed a 6 minute one-take live music video above Versailles with Phoenix. Chased tourists in Montmartre with Bon Iver

We filmed

We filmed more than 500 bands in over 10 countries across the world.
And we’ll never get tired of it.