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take away shows — By La Blogothèque
Directed by
Vincent Moon
Sound Direction by
Vincent Moon
In Tolmin, slovenia


Discover our new series of three different Take Away Shows shot by Vincent Moon (Petites Planètes) in Slovenia. First part with Kačis.

We asked Samo Kutin to tell us more about his group and the special context of this video :

"Kačis's song "Iztolči pustinja" comes from a recently released band's debut album "Unfathomed" and was translated as "Burst into bloom barren land".

Vincent Moon's video recording took place at the waterfall Beri in Tolmin region in Slovenia. After recording, we found out that there is a legend of Beri waterfall which says that snakes taught people how to speak at that place and that's why a small river is called Gadiča ("gad" is in slovenian a specie of a snake) and waterfall is called Beri ("beri" in slovenian means reading). A legend could be conected to a pagan religion that secretly stayed alive in Tolmin region until 60's of previous century and was only than revealed through books by collector of folk tradition Pavel Medvešček.

Band's name Kačis has a strong conection with snakes ("kača" in slovenian means snake)."