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Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s. We had been in contact with them for months. Originally we had planned to film them at Coachella. Bryan, their manger, sent me a text asking if we could film minutes before they went on stage otherwise we would have to wait until they played in San Francisco.

I knew that there was no way that we could get to them; it was too crazy, too hot, too many people with security badges telling us we couldn’t do it. My heart sank. I watched them cast a spell on 50,000 people that day and all I could do was stand there and imagine what could have been.

Two months later. They were playing a sold out show at The Fillmore, San Francisco’s Sistine Chapel of music venues. They played a magical show that night and were exhausted. We had agreed that they would come to the streets and play a couple of songs for the fans after the show. But were they now too tiered to do it?

I knew security was going to be tight and had no idea how long the fans would stick around. Minutes went by. Nothing. An hour passed, and still nothing. My heart was beginning to sink again. Had we just missed another opportunity to film this band?

Finally at the corner of my eye I see Alex Ebert, the front man, appear from the side of the venue. He was pushing an old piano into the streets. My heart started racing. This was it. This was the moment we had wanted to create for months. I pressed record and let the energy of the night take control. What happened next, well, I couldn’t have imagined that.