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take away shows — By Chryde

Cee-Lo Green

This isn’t anymore something we put on ice. This isn’t anymore about the tape we dusted with a sleeve of a sweater. But more than a year after, it was quite similar to finally watch the raw footage from that surreal afternoon we had spent with Cee-Lo Green in the studios of La Plaine St Denis.

We remember a crowded place. A dressing room narrow as a corridor, filled with Cee-Lo’s circle: his 4 choir singers, his friend, his other friend and his manager talking to a third friend. We remember an empty place. A huge studio with the remains of former shootings’ accessories piled in the corners. The least glamorous set-up ever. Moreso if you put two folding chairs, one in front of the other, in the middle of the empty space.

Cee-Lo never took his glasses off. He never laced his shoes either, even though it wasn’t helping his back pain; for that matter, this pain and his glitzy watch were the only topics we discussed. We had in mind those moments where he dressed up as a legionary, as Darth Vader, as Jason or Morpheus. We remembered him as a playful, great live performer, plunging right in with a few little dance steps, surreal for his body weight. But there for us, he did nothing but stand up from his chair with much effort.

I remember seeing him a few hours after on the TV show, “The weekly album”: there he danced, moved and did the show. We wondered then if we had been taken for fools or if this low energy of him would precisely give us the chance to shoot some unprecedented performance.

And now we’re watching this raw footage. We hear the tone of this voice, soft and smart. We realize that the whole interpretation was built on that very faint voice and some expressions. Yes, we did attend something unusual. And we haven’t seen such a huge watch ever…