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take away shows — By La Blogothèque
Directed by
Vincent Moon
Sound Direction by
Vincent Moon
In Tolmin, slovenia

Bakalina Velika

Discover our new series of three different Take Away Shows shot by Vincent Moon (Petites Planètes) in Slovenia. Second part with Bakalina Velika.

A few words from Samo Kutin about the story of this one : « Bakalina Velika's song Zlat Bagatin is about a mountain Bogatin and would be easiest translated as Golden Bogatin. Jani's text was inspired by a tale from village Čadrg where Samo and Jani comes from and is singed in dialekt of that village as all the texts of Bakalina Velika. 

Story says that people believed there's a gold hidden in that mountain so they were trying their luck there with finding it, sometimes even using a book of speels and calling a devil to help them. 

We recorded that song at place Žlejžn close to village Čadrg from where mountain Bogatin is seen. 

Song will be released on band's upcoming 2nd album. »