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Arte En Scène

What have artists been deprived of? The stage. This place, often fetishized, has become inaccessible. This is the perfect opportunity to rebuild it elsewhere: on a beach, in the ruins of a castle, on a roof, in an elevator, in the dark along railway tracks, in a village square...

ARTE EN SCÈNE is a collection of short films designed to showcase the Performing Arts, whatever they are, on the ARTE networks. These works are the result of an encounter between an artist (or a company or troupe) and a director, and each episode gives birth to a different duo.

Each film is therefore an original, unique, striking proposal, first of all at the service of the work it films but which, by the richness of its cinematographic expression, transcends it. The episodes are by no means captures of show pieces, but "films in themselves".

The interest lies not only in the performance, but in the way it is represented. Thus, the director and the artist(s) work together upstream to develop the film idea, the concept, the script, the staging, which suits each project.