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take away shows — By La Blogothèque

Aoife Nessa Frances

A Take Away Show on the banks of the Seine under the last beams of sunlight of a Parisian Autumn’s day!

Before her concert at Petit Bain, we took Aoife Nessa Frances on a little stroll along the Seine. Her unique sense of raw and powerful vulnerability radiates through this #TakeAwayShow. Aoife sings of the illusion of idealized love - 'All that I want / All that I’d give for a life by your side' - surrounded by joggers, dog-walkers and curious passers-by. Aoife’s haunting arpeggios on classical guitar are exceptionally accompanied by Méabh McKenna’s sweet harp glissandos and the movements of the Seine. The city keeps manifesting whether by the overhead railway line, Paris’ own bateaux-mouches, cruising boats, river barges or even amateur fishermen’s lively conversations. The last beams of sunlight of a Parisian Autumn’s day seem to enhance these 'Soft Lines' Aoife is passionately narrating