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LOOP se reforme.

La meilleure nouvelle de la semaine – pardon – de l’année vient de tomber sur la page facebook de Robert Hampson : Loop se reforme pour une série de concerts.

La meilleure nouvelle de la semaine – pardon – de l’année vient de tomber sur la page facebook de Robert Hampson : Loop se reforme pour une série de concerts. Communiqué du principal intéressé :

Dear Friends, LOOP are planning further shows and we hope to traverse all parts of this wonderful planet. Please be patient and news will be arriving with confirmed concerts in the very near future.

It was a long time ago… and it didn’t really finish that well. I’m not sure anyone of us can really put our fingers on specific reasons, for they are legion, but after many many years of being asked why not play again, I can’t seem to find any excuses for why not to anymore.To always pursue a forward motion has been my goal, but what goes around comes around as they say.

It seems that as much as you try to run as far as you can away from it, your past will always haunt you. I have never really slept well over the demise of Loop, it always felt unfinished. If I had a pound coin given to me for every time I get asked to reform Loop, I’d be a very rich man by now. I had always baulked at the idea, especially when I have been asked to perform songs with a pick-up band, something I could never do… ever.

It’s not that I am precious, but at the same time, without John and Neil holding down that centre, I’d never be able to wave, it would never be the same. I’m so proud to say that the line-up of John Wills, Neil Mackay, Scott Dowson and myself have agreed to perform a limited number of shows from late 2013 to mid 2014 at various venues across the world. To perform from all stages of the Loop arc, enjoy it again, hoping that we make plenty of people happy again and maybe give people a chance to see it for the first time… then, we can put it finally to rest with a better feeling of completion and that a chapter is really over. I sincerely hope it maybe refreshing to us and to others. For some, it may simply not be on their radar anymore. Well, it’s simple enough for them, don’t buy a ticket. It’s going to blink and you miss it because it’s not going to be around long, I refuse to prolong it and for it to become embarrassing. It’ll be sharp and to the point…straight to your heart and then, it’s gone.

ATP is the only place this could happen and be done well. Who else would offer the chance not only to play but also curate some of the bands alongside Loop on the day. It’s quite special to be able to do this and make it happen. Besides, Barry Hogan has pestered me for so long about this, it would seem rather unfair not to let him have his 5 minutes of fame getting Loop to play again.

RH April 2013

Première date officielle, le dernier week-end de novembre dans le cadre du festival ATP-End Of An Era avec notamment les vétérans bruyants de The Pop Group et Fennesz. D’autres annonces sont à venir sur le site du groupe, tout juste mis en ligne.

Un bon prétexte pour s’envoyer les Peel Session de 1987 et 1988 au casque en jouant au démineur. C’est vendredi après-midi, ne faites pas semblant de travailler, vous ne trompez personne.