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Merveilleuses démolitions

Samedi, dans une maison abandonnée, Arcade Fire a joué pour 50 personnes. Et même leur plus vieux fan, le plus blasé, en est ressorti fou… Said the Gramophone, donc : “In the Notman House living-room, they played twelve songs. They stood on a ragged carpet, sweating. Christmas lights were braided over amps, keyboards, guitar-stands. It was like I was back in 2002, watching my favourite band play at a party for Concordia grad students. This time, their instruments were new, polished, rare; the crowd concealed tattooed crew-members and a flotilla of photographers; the group were veterans and stars, and I was jaded. But as Arcade Fire fired into their second song, an incredible number called “Ready To Start”, I discovered something I had not expected: the eight-piece I had loved and loved and loved were once again my favourite band.”