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Our Christmas CD

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It’s a tradition in the United States, not so much here in France, but we felt we could also have a Christmas compilation, with lots of winter songs and chesnuts roasting in it.

It’s here, as a .zip file, with ten mp3 tracks and the cover, in case you might want to burn it and offer it to a friend.

Maybe you know some of those files. But two of them were specially recorded for La Blogothèque. JENS LENKMAN and THE BOY BATHING were more than kind to us, and accepted to record one track each for the purpose. The former wrote No time for breaking up , a superb, moving lament sung over an old christmas record. The latter recorded a excellent (fun and moving at the same time) cover of the John Lennon song, Happy XMas (War is over) .

A million thanks to them, they gave us the greatest gift. Go and visit their sites, listen to their music, buy their albums and EPs, their music is great, they are great, simply. For those who haven’t time enough to download the whole compilation, here’s a direct link to those two songs :

The Boy BathingHappy XMas (War is over) (4,2 Mo)

Jens LenkmanNo time for breaking up (6,3 Mo)

What else on this CD ? A small banjo introduction by Sufjan Stevens, a white and soft song by Claudine Longet, a drunken Chesnuts roasting by The Arcade Fire, a sweet traditionnal song by Gustav (also on our CD Point d’écoute ) to end this, and in the middle, two tracks taken from the great Suburban Sprawl compilations, a cool White Christmas cover by Snowden, a band we really love, and finally the Wham’s Last Christmas cover by The Pas/Cal

It’s all sweet, it’s all for you, take it, it’s our gift : Le Noel de la Blogothèque (.zip file, 37,8 Mo)

And Merry Christmas to you all !